About my work (us)

When I was a child, I said “When I grow up, I will be a potter” and that little voice has always followed me.

Pottery, for me, is a very ancient primitive art, which I slipped into naturally. A gift I received like a heritage from prior civilizations.
Pottery originated from the art of daily life, I feel, one that makes it live and breathe.
The bowls and teapots I create are the simplest expression of this. An art revealed in everyday life.

The bowl is humanity’s oldest object, the most maternal, the most welcoming, the most universal, a receptacle made noble by its simplicity.

Always in search of a purer expression, I chose porcelain, for me, the queen of the earth.
On every piece, I made an impression, a lasting sign of my passage in an emotionally charged place, of simple joys, of familiar discoveries. Pieces of driftwood polished by the powerful waves of Point Reyes, ardent stones from Death Valley, vegetation dried by the powerful winds of Big Sur, lost seashells from Mendocino, a small stone gathered at the summit of Corona Heights in San Francisco…Primordial imprints, they create in me a network of durable roots in a new life, a double life also tied to my Mediterranean heritage that I will not forget.
As soon as I start to turn the potter’s wheel, a game comes into play, a dance with material, a balancing that sometimes transforms into a dialogue. We seek each other.

Certain pieces speak to me, others quiet themselves, others whisper, then start to sing. Sometimes even, the element that comes to life takes on a life of its own. I know that my bowl is finished when a dialogue is established between the two of us. Then comes the placing of the impression, a delicate moment in the making of the object. It is a moment of great fragility, a moment of great emotion, a solemn and final touch that illuminates the bowl.

I seek the forms that are more and more pared down to the essence. I play with shadow and light, working with the pureness and transparency of the porcelain on a quest for soberness and vitality.

When it is beautiful, it is done, obvious.